Mercedes C-Class

W203 since 2000 of release

Repair and operation of the car

+ Mercedes-Benz cars of class C (W-203)
+ Operation manual
+ Routine maintenance
+ Engine
+ Cooling system and heating
+ Power supply system and release
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Manual transmission
- Automatic transmission
   + The automated box of gear shifting 716.6
   - Automatic transmission 722.6
      Search of malfunctions - the general information
      Problems of the block of electronic control and the operating signals
      Removal and the AT installation with the hydrotransformer
      The AT electrohydraulic control unit (AT is established)
      Dismantling and assembly of the electrohydraulic control unit
      Dismantling and assembly of a plate of gear shifting
      Case of transmission and hydrotransformer
      Multidisk brakes of B2, B3 and gear wheel of blocking at "Parking"
      Dismantling and assembly of a back hollow shaft with the back coupling of a free wheeling
      Removal and installation of a multidisk brake B1 and oil pump
      Dismantling and assembly of the oil pump
      Dismantling and assembly of a multidisk brake of B1
      Dismantling and assembly of a multidisk brake of B2
      Dismantling and assembly of an output shaft with the central and back block of planetary gear wheels
      Removal and installation of multidisk couplings K1, K2 and K3
      Dismantling and assembly of coupling of K1
      Dismantling and assembly of the leading shaft with coupling by K2 and the forward block of planetary gear wheels
      Dismantling and assembly of coupling of K3
      The blocking mechanism at "parking"
      Removal and installation of the lever of the selector of gear shifting
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment

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The blocking mechanism at "parking"

The blocking mechanism at "Parking"

3 — the gear shifting selector Lever
33a — the Sealing ring
34 — Conic draft
35 — the Doggie
36, 60 — Bolts
50 — Draft
51 — the Directing plug
51a, 55a, 141a — Sealing rings
51b — the Directing spring
52, 56 — Lock rings
53 — a blocking Doggie at "Parking"
54 — Pruzhina
55, 141 — Fingers
139 — the Blocking doggie
140 — the Torsion spring



1. Remove the gear shifting lever, having turned off bolts (60).
2. Remove a doggie (35) together with conic draft (34).
3. Turn off a bolt (36).
4. Remove a finger (141).
5. Take draft (50) from the case of transmission and unhook a blocking doggie (139).
6. Remove a lock ring (52) from the directing plug (51).
7. Press a doggie (53) blocking at "Parking" opposite to a spring (54) and a vypressuyta the directing plug (51) from the transmission case.
8. Remove a lock ring (56) and a finger (55).
9. Remove a doggie (53) blocking at "Parking" with a spring (54).



1. Install a doggie (53) blocking at "Parking" and a spring (54) in the case of transmission and establish a finger (55) with a lock ring (56).
2. Press a blocking doggie at "Parking" (53) opposite to a spring (54) against the stop and insert the directing plug (51) into the transmission case so that teeths of a doggie (53) blocking at "Parking" were established on the middle of the directing plug.
3. Establish a lock ring (52).
4. Install draft (50) in the case of transmission and fasten a blocking doggie.
5. Establish a finger (141).
6. Tighten a bolt (36).
7. Establish a doggie (35) with conical draft (34).
8. Fix the lever of the selector of gear shifting (33).